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BRIDGE enters the Federlazio family
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BRIDGE becomes officially part of FEDERLAZIO, one of the main players in the world of regional entrepreneurial representation. In addition to representing the interests of its associates, Federlazio proactively supports them in the paths of growth, development and consolidation. Through the "Federlazio Network", companies can share projects, skills, know how, initiate contacts and synergies to develop new business opportunities, providing also meeting opportunities and relations oriented to the research of partners, training courses, assistance in the creation of networks, consortia and start-ups, relations with public bodies, banks and private investors, support in the analysis of the company workforce, human resources retraining plans, commercial development projects on foreign markets.

BRIDGE is anitalian cargotech startup, born from the idea of three young Italian guys in February 2021. Stefano Asperti, with experience of procurement/sourcing in the transportation industry; Luca Petrone, an expert in mathematical optimization applied to the transportation industry; Simone Quarta, with experience in sales in the petrochemical industry.

The idea of BRIDGE is born from the quotidianity: due to the several problems found in the reality of the three founders, the strong inefficiency in the field of freight transport, where the meeting between supply and demand still takes place in an obscure way, has ignited in them the desire to change and revolutionize existing models;  BRIDGE implements a proper match between transportation demand and supply such that empty trips are partially or totally limited.

The italian start-up has closed a funding round Pre-Seed of100. 000 euros, which makes the company touch the top of the valuation of over half a million euros. Through the important amount raised, BRIDGEaim to improve the digital platformthat is destined to change the face of Italian and European logistics forever.

"The company is made up of young people who, in the midst of a pandemic, are innovating in a mature sector such as transport, giving ample space to digitalization and environmental protection. The fact that BRIDGE has turned to Federlazio, recognizing us as a fundamental point of reference and support, both commercial and educational, makes us proud and rewards the activities of the association that has always had as its objective the protection, representation and business of member companies" says Claudio Malagola director of Federlazio of Latina

"Federlazio represents for BRIDGE an opportunity and a certainty. Thanks to the network of the association, BRIDGE aims to consolidate its presence in the regional and national logistics market. The support of Federlazio will also give BRIDGE the possibility to entertain a solid and constructive support with the institutions. ", says Simone Quarta, co-founder of the company along with Stefano Asperti and Luca Petrone, "The perfect combination of startups and established regional entrepreneurship creates optimal potential to give birth to innovative realities."

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