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Insurance in freight transports

In the road transport sector, the value of goods transported very often reaches significant figures. What happens if the goods are damaged? What happens if the goods are lost and the carrier does not have adequate insurance?

Insurance in freight transports

The cost of transport is therefore higher if one takes into consideration the necessary insurance policy that is stipulated by the Carrier, which can generally be of three types:

  • Transport vehicle insurance: each carrier has insurance on the transport vehicles it owns;.
  • Carrier liability insurance: Each carrier takes out cargo insurance based on the type of goods transported. This is because during transport the goods can suffer irreparable damage from a variety of causes; for example, damage caused by water or other weather conditions, accidents involving the transport vehicle, or fire or theft to which the vehicle or goods are subjected. .
  • Additional insurance: In the event that the value of the goods transported exceeds the maximum limit of the carrier's liability insurance, additional insurance shall be offered to the Principal to cover the excess..

If one of these scenarios occurs, and the goods are actually damaged, a litigation ensues, which is very rarely resolved with an immediate determination of responsibility followed by prompt compensation. The judgments are often long and, above all, expensive in terms of the legal costs involved.

The importance of an insurance policy

A comprehensive insurance policy allows for fast and fair compensation for damage, covering most of the conceivable risk situations. This type of insurance supports all types of liability, even if, for example, the client had not packed the goods to be transported correctly, or if the goods transported were subject to deterioration during transport..

BRIDGE performs a attentive and meticulous control on the insurances of Clients and Carriers, so as to limit and identify the responsibilities of each party involved in the transport. Thanks to the all-round management of the transport, BRIDGE is able to verify with immediateness the relative responsibilities and to resolve easily every dispute..

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