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Owned or outsourced fleet?
In recent years the logistics sector, and in particular the road transport sector, has come under pressure due to the high costs of operating the fleet, an ever-increasing demand in relation to transport rapid and low-cost contrasted by a worrying shortage of drivers.

Owned fleet

In many industries, manufacturing companies have made the decision to equip themselves with transportation vehicles di proprietà per assicurarsi una modalità sicura e affidabile di consegna delle merci ai clienti.

A company that independently operates a fleet of transportation vehicles must possess the human capital and know-how internally with respect to supply-chain, driver, vehicle and maintenance management.

The main benefits of a private fleet are:

  • Guaranteed Capacity: Ensures the manufacturing company has vehicles available to deliver goods when required;
  • Customer service: The recruitment and training of drivers in accordance with the company's philosophy enables us to maintain a standard of service;
  • Fleet in line with production: business choices for geographic or product expansion may not be supported by the availability of suitable transportation vehicles from local transportation companies. Anticipation of expansion may be supported by subsequent fleet expansion to the required specifications;
  • Advertising: possibility of using the space on semi-trailers to sponsor your brand.

The advantages of an in-house fleet are not insignificant. Leaving aside the high cost of purchasing and maintaining the vehicles, the management of an in-house fleet requires the establishment of a logistics department capable of handling planning and routing. If one also takes into account the need to hire drivers and take out the relevant transportation insurance, the decision to develop an in-house fleet often proves to be expensive.

Outsourced Fleet

Although it is possible to outsource individual logistics functions, most companies decide to outsource their transportation services at all levels.

The know-how of the transport companies enables them to offer a complete, efficient and competitive service that in most cases reflects the needs of manufacturing companies.

BRIDGE is at the side of companies in the management of road transport services. The know-how of the BRIDGE team guarantees a flexible, efficient and personalized service.

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