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Can road transport be environmentally sustainable?
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In Europe, logistics has changed face: in view of the fact that about the 90% of freight transport is by road, the new target to aim for is to reduce CO2 through an innovative model to make the whole sector more efficient.

Reducing environmental impact is a must

BRIDGE aligns with this trend, implementing a proper match between transport demand and supply so that empty trips are partially or totally limited: the creation of a new perspective on freight transport, one that delivers to new generations a world in which the ecosustainable mindset is ingrained in every sector, is the vision that BRIDGE wants to land on.

The crisis of recent years has led a number of transport companies to opt - once again - for choices that are not in line with the new standards of eco-sustainability; there are still many old, polluting and less safe vehicles on the road: Suffice it to say that the average age of the Italian vehicle fleet is 9 years and 4 months for trucks <3.5t, and 19 years and 7 months for those >3.5t. Seventy-three percent of >3.5t trucks and 45% of <3.5t trucks are more than 10 years old. Specialty vehicles have a seniority of 9 years and 6 months for those 3.5t.

Alarming figures, which need an innovative and highly sustainable push that BRIDGE is planning to provide.

So if it is true that the emissions of a transport vehicle travelling fully loaded are approximately 30% higher than those of a vehicle travelling empty, the correct way forward towards new models that will enable reductions in CO2 is the elimination of empty journeys by transport vehicles; Only in this way can the number of transport vehicles circulating in the territory of the Union be reduced in aggregate. .

BRIDGE represents the look towards the future in the transport sector, enabling Transporters and Customers to find the answer to their needs, leading to an increase in turnover for the former and a reduction in transport costs for the latter, without ever forgetting the importance of taking into strong consideration the environmental impact..

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